Thursday Thoughts 💭 ~ 7/7/22

Howdy folks. I’m carrying over from yesterday’s one liner. I’m a delight and you’d be lucky 🍀 to know me. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I don’t really believe that. Or maybe you’ll think I’m being modest and that I really do think very highly of myself.

Growing up, sometimes my shyness could manifest as conceit. I remember vividly when Cobby Riley yelled to me “you are so stuck up!” I had the absolute biggest crush on him. And the only reason I was avoiding him was because I was too scared 😳. The opposite of thinking I was too good.

Insecurities abound. But as I age, I’ve become more confident in a quiet 🤫 unassuming way. At least outwardly & in certain respects. Like my job. I’ve become quite capable. The go-to answer lady.

Inside though I’m still that little lost puppy who wants everyone to like her even as she struggles. Even as she believes the opposite. I’m not a delight. I’m exhausting and thank your lucky stars ✨ that I’m not in your life.

Okay, the pity train 🚂 has left the station. The next stop 🛑 is get over it already. You’re not a lost cause. You’re a work in progress.

As always more to come.