#1linerWeds. 7/6/22

Alrighty folks. Today is the day that I was going to unveil the funny one liner that I’ve been delaying a few weeks. I wrote the line down somewhere. Now that I’m looking for it, I can’t find it. Doh 🙄

Well let’s try this. Do you know how you can run into someone by accident when you’re out and about? Might be in the grocery store or any place really. Protocol dictates you say excuse me. Sometimes no response but sometimes they answer back. Something like no problem or you’re fine. Well if they say you’re fine, I double dog dare you to say the following:

Actually I’m a delight and you’d be lucky 🍀 to know me. 😂

Jilly being cheeky.

This has gone way past my one line so I will stop here after letting you know that yes I did say that. Not out loud but in writing. To people I’d never met but who I wanted to know. There’s a whole story around it that one of these days I will share. Or not because all of a sudden, I’ve become shy.

Written for #1linerWeds. Look HERE for the rules and pingback.

As always more to come.