haiku – break & dance 💃🏻 ~ 7/4/22


spinning out of time ⌛️


never stop ✋

break the emotion

still the dance

Two 3/5/3 for you today. As I reread, I think 💭 Huh 🤔 what does that even mean? Well there’s juxtaposition as my Pony says is required. Hidden meaning maybe relatable only to my addled mind.

The collective pieces of my soul need a hiatus from the ballerina 🩰 spinning 😵‍💫 in what feels like a forever out of control dance. I don’t want to stop though. There’s beauty in the spin. And if not for the swirl 😵‍💫 I wouldn’t exist.

Written for Ronovan Writes 7/4/22