Thursday Thoughts with a Side of Poetry ~ 6/23/22

I have always written to release the hounds. I graduated from a cute little diary with lock and key to spiral notebooks. At the start, I had no idea why I was compelled to put pen to paper. For me, the writing process was therapeutic. A time of slowing down the thoughts into some semblance of organization, to make sense of the chaos forever swirling in my brain.

In a recent Swedish death clean, I reread my spirals, then promptly recycled them. Destroyed the evidence of my wild crazy days. Ah to be young again. But I digress. The purge saves Pony and Lulu from having to decide what to do with my things. I want to spare them that duty.

Sounds like I’m preparing to die y’all because now I can die happy. Something very small and inconsequential to others has happened to me to validate my existence. When I say die, I mean figuratively die (or let go). Though I’ve yet to receive a proper diagnosis which makes anything possible but I’m managing day by day.

Okay, time to land the plane. Throughout my childhood journals, I doodled, copied quotes, and wrote poetry. Scattered all among the prose where pearls of wisdom that I collected by observing everyday life. Like no other form of writing, poetry was where any bad feelings flowed onto the page. If journaling worked before to keep the pain at bay, maybe it’ll work again? Dusting off my mad skillz. Without further ado, here goes nothing …

my heart is full


creating a palpable

sense of urgency

to make up for

what might have been

hide what hurts

deep inside

for what was lost


never final

until done

I might refer back here as a landing page for my Get Real series where I plan on sharing more of my “stuff”. Or not. I’m still on the fence.

As always, more to come.


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts with a Side of Poetry ~ 6/23/22

  1. I can relate. Writing has been the one cathartic thing that stuck with me from an early age. Often when I find those old poems and crude sketches I find my preteen self to have been much wiser than my adult self. I take lessons from her. β€οΈπŸ€—

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  2. I understand. The memories of my wild youth range from totally selfish to depressing to embarrassing. I don’t need to relive them through bad writing. I like the idea of the Swedish Death clean. We’ll start with several gigabytes on my hard rive.

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    1. Oh my yes to all the above. I’d like to think I’m not as selfish, nothing embarasses me these days and hopefully my writing has improved. The sad days will always come around now & again but that’s better too. Knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx myself.

      All I know for sure is I spared my children. Need to complete more of that deep cleaning.
      It is soooo very therapeutic.

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