#SoCS ~ 6/18/22

Top-o-the-morning to you my lovies. Dan is pinch hitting for Linda while her electricity is out. Bonus points & free drinks are up for grabs too. Yeah Buddy!! Here we go …

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cent/scent/sent.” Use them in any form you like. Use one, use two or use them all. Bonus points if you use all three, and Cheryl will put your next drink on David’s tab. I know, you used to get bonus points for two, but inflation… Enjoy!

My two cents worth 1/2 a penny due to inflation is something I use a lot. I think I’m being funny. Sometimes I even get a laugh or two. I missed my calling y’all. I should have been a comedienne. Though realistically I always laugh before delivering the punchline because I easily amuse myself.

Scents – ok scent is something I was going to write a whole separate post about. I didn’t and now I can’t remember how the topic of scent came up but I’m streaming so, on I go.

Apparently we’re human animals. No duh Jilly. Ah, there we go. I know now. Animal instincts.

A high school friend’s mom was getting her Masters studying psychology or something along those lines. One morning my friend comes up to me in the gym before class. We’d sit there on the bleachers flirting we boys cuz we were boy crazy. She’s being silly, sniffing around me, and our convo went something like this ..

Me – what are you doing? I showered. Smell me! as I lift my arm for her to get a good whiff

Friend – my mom says we’re the best of friends because I like your smell

Me – alrighty, I smell you too

Friend – yes we don’t even know we’re doing it but pheromones are a thing and not just for hanky panky

I had a good life y’all. LOL. Educated on the gym bleachers.

Time to land the plane. Those bonus points are right within my grasp. Using sent will close the deal. I sent what I refer to as a packet of proof and that turned the tide. How far remains to be seen. But I’m back in the land of the living with a plan. A co-worker asked my Wednesday, “what’s up with you, you’re glowing” No idea, guess that’s what happy looks like.

Wishing everyone a sensational Saturday because we deserve it!!

As always, more to come.