Phoning a Friend ~ 6/17/22

Hey all you techie types. Howdy!! I’m trying to share my WordPress posts to Instagram & cannot figure out how. Maybe I can’t? But I used to see a button with all the other social media sites where I could set sharing up. My posts automatically fly out to Twitter (I forget how I did that) and previously did same on FB until the rat bastards blocked me because I was reported as violating community standards with my wit and sarcasm. I mean come the eff on, haiku is not controversial. Anyhow, can you help a girl out?

Why link to Insta you ask? Well you have to watch Ms. Marvel on Disney+ Oh so good. New episodes each Wednesday. In a scene, a group is praying in a Mosque. Two younger girls are snapping selfies instead of paying attention. An older lady grabs their phones, “no Snap chatting allowed in here!!!” They were both like “awww give us our phones back! It wasn’t SnapChat it was Insta” And me easily amused, I snort laughed.

Anyone … Bueller … Bueller … ?

As always, more to come.


Friday 🐏 blings ~ 6/17/22

Coming at ya live from my iPhone. Notice the sweet lil ram 🐏 emoji is back. I’m off the charts folks. So much has happened I’m over stimulated. I feel like I might burst 💥. I’m a writing ✍️ fool. Alias Twitter is my friend. People who understand like only those of us in a certain club can understand has been therapeutic to say the least. I hop off Twitter to FB to WP to emails, texts but I have a day job I must work too. All this activity would be fine if I wasn’t such an over analyzer, things might be manageable. But nope, analysis paralysis drags the whole thing out. Somebody stop ✋ me said in my Jim Carrey from The Mask voice over voice. I wish I’d kept that meme but I deleted it to make room. Oh well.

I’m going to reveal soon. I’m not worried 😟 about getting in trouble 👿 any longer because I was making stuff up ⬆️. In the absence of evidence, that’s what we humans do. We fill in blanks. I’m relieved 🥲 to know I was 1/2 right with my suspicions or educated guesses. And the parts about my situation that was spinning 😵‍💫 me up and pissing me off wasn’t too bad in hindsight. Still I’m proceeding with caution ⛔️I’m going to slow down and be methodical. Shocker I know. Guess that “Goes to show you never 👎 can tell.”

Now for a musical 🎶 interlude.

As always more to come.