#SLS ~ 6/12/22

Today the prompts are excitement, pleasure, sentiment, spirit suggested by Melanie B Cee aka Sparky. Thanks Jim for hosting. Okay the earworm has started with The Pointer Sisters Neutron Dance (Beverly Hills Cop scene) 1984 Songwriters: Allee Willis / Danny Sembello. But that’s because I got my songs confused.

I was really thinking of the Pointer Sisters I’m So Excited Songwriters: June Pointer / Anita Pointer / Trevor Anthony Lawrence / Ruth Pointer which was not in the movie. The scene in Beverly Hills Cop is pretty exciting so loosely maybe I could use Neutron Dance? But I won’t.

Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Alrighty I’m going to use something recycled. Not sure when I last used this song so I can’t link back to it but I know I definitely have picked this song before. Classic jam. Spirit in the Sky, lyrics within. Songwriter: Norman Greenbaum. Hope you enjoy!

As always, more to come.

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