#SLS ~ 6/12/22

Today the prompts are excitement, pleasure, sentiment, spirit suggested by Melanie B Cee aka Sparky. Thanks Jim for hosting. Okay the earworm has started with The Pointer Sisters Neutron Dance (Beverly Hills Cop scene) 1984 Songwriters: Allee Willis / Danny Sembello. But that’s because I got my songs confused.

I was really thinking of the Pointer Sisters I’m So Excited Songwriters: June Pointer / Anita Pointer / Trevor Anthony Lawrence / Ruth Pointer which was not in the movie. The scene in Beverly Hills Cop is pretty exciting so loosely maybe I could use Neutron Dance? But I won’t.

Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Alrighty I’m going to use something recycled. Not sure when I last used this song so I can’t link back to it but I know I definitely have picked this song before. Classic jam. Spirit in the Sky, lyrics within. Songwriter: Norman Greenbaum. Hope you enjoy!

As always, more to come.


Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 6/12/22

Two days in a row I took tentative steps to rejoin the human race. I’m the only dorkalina in a mask still unless it is a socially distanced pic in front of Van Gogh or eating on a picnic table on the patio of LaLa’s with no other customers around but that’s ok. Vaccinated twice and double boosted could be the charm. I’ll be sticking that Covid test swab right up my nose, to get the hybrid train rolling, unless I panic & escape back to the four walls within my home that have become a prison. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

And I had been going into the office July 2021 through March 2022 but life intervened with the in-laws’ health which frankly isn’t any better but staying close to home has become an excuse. My chronic pain is flaring up and that is also another reason to stay put. But saw the doctor Thursday and we have a plan. Fingers crossed.

And in other news, well I still need to process things. I’ll be as vague and full of mystery as possible. Definitely will spill the tea as the kiddos say but only as it relates to me. Before I get any more cryptic, here is the roll call.

  • Sunday 6/5/22 – #SLS and A Side of Angst (in absence of evidence, I made stuff up, then things sort of got better. My life shifted on this day at 4:11 CST to be exact)
  • Monday 6/6/22 – Haiku – rise & divide
  • Tuesday 6/7/22 – Share Your World
  • Wednesday 6/8/22 – #1linerWeds.
  • Thursday 6/9/22 – Thoughts
  • Friday 6/10/22 – Ramble
  • Saturday 6/11/22 – #SoCS

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.