Friday Ramble ~ 6/10/22

I’m writing this post in advance for two reasons. First because Lulu and I are going to Immersive Van Gogh today, Friday 6/10/22 and I won’t have time to write. Second because I have to post something everyday to keep my streak alive. Haha! Still a carrot and stick kinda gal.

My appointment hasn’t happened yet and I’m still shaking in my shoes. Ugh! To calm my nerves, I ate a peanut butter sandwich. The appointment is telemed with no labs so no need to fast. As I was spreading the peanut butter, I made crumbs everywhere. I was reminded of summers past when as kids we were yo-yo (your on your own) for lunch. There is comfort in tradition. I was tempted to leave the crumbs for mom to come behind & scold me for leaving a mess. Only now it’d be Lulu scolding me. She’s the neat-nik. She was only 5 weeks old when my mom died. I think they would have gotten along just fine.

I’m thinking a lot lately about family and what makes a family and what we call each other and whether nurture holds sway over nature or vice versa. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Hey, that is a misplaced causality dilemma if I ever saw one.

I’m feeling ALL the feels y’all. Have been since Sunday 6/5/22 at 4:11 CST to be exact. But in this moment, Thursday 6/9/22, I’ve gotta get ready to see my doctor. Until next time.

As always, more to come.