#SLS ~ 5/15/22

Paula prompts head, hat, hair, or scarf and Jim serves as host. I picked Sister Golden Hair by America. Songwriter: Gerry Beckley. While there might be multiples, I’m sticking with this song and it’s cool 70s vibe. Lyrics within. Hope you enjoy.

As always more to come.


20 thoughts on “#SLS ~ 5/15/22

  1. You totally confused my brain with this. That was a great blast from the past, but just reading the lyrics on the YouTube link above “Well I tried to fake it…” made me start singing a song in my head I KNEW was NOT the one in the link! Before playing your link I had to run down what song it was I was hearing instead. At first I thought Carly Simon, but nope, Carole King with “It’s too late” and those lyrics of “Somethin’ inside has died And I can’t hide and I just can’t fake it” Yeesh. My brain at 4 am is an interesting place. πŸ™‚

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