#SoCS ~ 5/14/22

Howdy partners. Let’s get this #SoCS rodeo going. Linda writes and I copy paste: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hat.” Use it literally or metaphorically. Have fun! To join in the fun and frolic, HERE are the rules and ping back.

Oooh good one. Metaphorically sounds a bit too much like homework and literally? Well is anything ever truly literal? Literal is literally the most misused word on the planet. See what I did there? I had a boss who overused literally to a point of exhaustion. Like seriously now we are not going to believe a word you say.

Aaahhh, rabbit hole yet again. And the word is hat silly Jilly Willy. Time to pull a rabbit outta the hat. Think, think. and think! I’ve got nothing. Except that I’m not a hat person with my lopsided head but I am a I don’t want to get sunburned ever again person which means I occasionally wear hats. Always when I am out in great the sunshine. Never just because.

And with that my stream is all dried up. Shriveled to the point of prunage. Today is a day for errands but first we go back to sleep a little longer, then we eat. As long as I’m on the road by 10, I should be a-okay. Wishing you all a sensational Saturday.

As always, more to come.


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