Jilly’s A to Z for 4/30/22 – Zombie

Today is the final day. We made it folks! I didn’t get around to visiting as many of you as I had hoped. Life got in the way. Excuses, excuses. No more, I will make more time for reading. I think it’s road trip time soon. I’m looking forward to that.

Z is a difficult letter just like X … well and Q …. oh and all of them. I even went down to one word to make the haiku writing easier. I got nothing for zombie, not really but I knew a song so … that steered me here. Then I cobbled this together. Out with a whimper I guess.


think, think, think, think, think

i’ve got nothing for zombie

‘Cept living dead girl

I’ve officially lost it. What was I thinking about? What are YOU thinking about? Belt out the words if ya know them or even if you don’t.

Ta-ta for now. Until next year. April 2023 to be exact.

As always, more to come.


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