Jilly’s A to Z for 4/27/22 – Weight


weight that you carry

heavy brings you to your knees

lightness of being

We don’t talk about weight. We skirt around the subject. I grew up around big women with the exception of my mother who chain smoked her way into staying relatively thin. I loved these larger than life women fiercely for reasons that had zero to do with how they looked. One memory I have was just us girls going to Luby’s for a ladies lunch. I can vividly remember mom saying “A polite lady doesn’t eat all her meal”. Sometimes she’d even flick an ash from her cigarette onto the plate so as not to be tempted to take another bite. Yep once upon a time, you could smoke inside restaurants. Some even had a cigarette vending machine at the entry. Now I think WTF!

As with the rest of A to Z, music makes everything better. And not surprisingly, there are tons of songs that fit the weight/heavy theme. Decisions, decisions. Instead of going with physical weight, I’m going with the weight of the burdens we all carry. Helping each other, now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.