Jilly’s A to Z for 4/25/22 – Universe

Universe proclaims

The glory of the cosmos

Just a speck of dust

How Small We Are, How Little We Know or Across the Universe both songs are very fitting so why not both? Aahhhhh now that’s that stuff!! Hope you enjoy

As always, more to come.

16 thoughts on “Jilly’s A to Z for 4/25/22 – Universe

      1. When I saw your haiku about “speck of dust,” I thought of this song. Leonid and Friends might be my favorite band now: they started by doing Chicago covers and have branched out since then. Leonid is the bass player and also does all the arrangements *by ear*. He and his son wrote the lyrics to this. The young woman doing lead vocal is Ksenia Buzina, and why she’s not an international superstar is beyond me.

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  1. There was a forward on whatsapp….there is a lady lying down on a park lawn and it zooms out … park, locality, town, country, continent, earth , solar system , milky way and on and on and on to show what a tiny speck we are … then it goes into the body and zooms in to sub atomic levels of every cell…. its a beautiful video…

    Visiting from A to Z

    Jayashree writes

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    1. Taking a look into the body reminds me of a cartoon I watched with the kids. Magic School Bus the human body episode. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the link.

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