Jilly’s A to Z for 4/16/22 ~ Nearly / Never

Nearly and Never

Nearly from the heart

Never meant to be apart

Pulling on those strings

Rush was my first concert. I have some fanatical friends who enjoy Rush as much as I do. The thinking man’s band. Yes my take on this may be political but not outright in your face. I leave my strong opinions for in person discourse. Here in my sanctuary, I rock on \m/

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 4/16/22

Howdy folks. Since I scheduled my A to Z in advance and I have a theme of sorts, I’m not able to sync up with #SoCS. This post will be a FUN free form fiasco of streaming gobbledygook as usual. Linda writes and I copy paste “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nose/noes/knows.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!HERE are the rules and ping back.

Nose, think, think, and think. All I got is as plain as the nose on your face. Take that Captain Obvious.

Next is noes. I never heard of noes, and I get a squiggly line when I write it. Lord knows I probably should’ve heard of noes but in the spirit of following the rules, I will NOT research. Sounds like the plural of no but that’s a guess. I remember learning to make words plural by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’. Could it really be that simple? The noes have it like the ayes do. Okay now one cannot makes this stuff up. Is the plural of yes really a-yes? Am I back in Model UN or what? Haha.

True story, my friend Bonnie and I went to Model UN as high school seniors in September of 1982. We went to meet boys from other schools. No other reason. Our teacher signed us up toward the end of the registration period so we got a country (I really cannot remember which) that we knew nothing about and had little time to research. And as I mentioned, we went to meet boys not learn anything about the United Nations or heaven forbid learn anything about government in general. For shame on us!

Anyhoo, some students took this experience very seriously even entering the room in authentic garb of their assigned country. Lots of pageantry. To land this plane, fast forward, there was a vote and when they came to us “Such and such country how do you vote” we panicked because we didn’t even hear the question, too much flirting going on. I couldn’t speak and Bonnie shouts out “no” to which some costumed serious students leapt to the feet in a most excited eruption. Apparently we voted opposite of what our block/allies had voted. We were given Model UN sanctions immediately.

Now that’s funny maybe not funny. Oh who am I kidding? It’s hysterical. Plus life’s too short. I probably should reach out to Bonnie and see how she is doing.

Well, I got all three prompt words in there for bonus points because ya know, I’ve got to get those. Now Lulu Belle and I are off the the grocery store because we did not plan well when getting groceries last weekend. Getting there right when the store opens for a quick in and out. Seriously less than 15 items on the list, no dillying or dallying.

Happy Saturday folks!! Wishing you all a fantastic day.

As always, more to come.