Thursday Thoughts ~ 4/14/22

I’m still walking in the mornings but it was cooler than expected today so before I even stepped off the porch, I thought good excuse to cut this short. But I forced myself, nudged myself really, ever so gently. Helped me clear my head of all the dread.

I’m really second guessing my decision to be a human guinea pig. The venogram itself isn’t what’s holding me back but instead the PA actions and curt only minutes long assessment by the doctor. I keep hearing him say “Now why are you here?” There was eye rolling (real or imagined). But most off-putting was when the PA took not one but two phone calls while he was assessing me. Pretty sure it is him or a tech instead of the doctor running my venogram. I hope it’s a tech I never met.

Oh and I almost forgot, the wrong info I was given from PA telling me minor, 20-30 minutes, you can drive yourself to the nurse get here at 6 am, it’ll be 3 hours, and prepare to be sedated. Meanwhile I hurt. I’m doing this to rule out something instead of ruling in. As long as I’ve been seeking treatment for this, I’m to a point where ruling out isn’t helping. Ruling out ISN’T answering. I want answers dammit.

Anywho, in the spirit of not wanting to crush my better mood, I’ll stop now. Going to get in some afternoon walk time. Aaaaahhhhh, now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.