#1LinerWeds. 4/13/22

Another exchange between Arpi and Mr. Mayor. Arpi’s response speaks to me considering all I’ve been through lately. She’s a little spitfire.

Mayor “I hope you’re happy”

Arpi “Americans over value happy, I hope I’m useful”.

Ba-zin-ga or Ba-dum-tis 🥁

HERE are the rules and ping back.

As always more to come.

Jilly’s A-to-Z for 4/13/22 – Kind / Kinetic

Kind and Kinetic

I’m sure you have heard

In a world where you can be

Anything, Be kind

Kinetic feelings

Ripples spread from the center

To lift others up

I’m not really a country music fan. A 70s rocker chick into a 90s metal head. Doh! But … this old school country music is something I can get behind. Glen Campbell’s music reminds me of my daddy. How Sweet It Is!! They say you can’t pick your family … do it anyway!

As always, more to come.