Jilly’s A-to-Z for 4/5/22 – Dare / Deal

Dare and Deal

Dare to face your fears

Or you’re not really living

Play let’s make a deal

Uh yup, these are getting progressively worse and it’s only Tuesday with 22 more entries to go. Doh! There is no juxtaposition in the above. I need some hot and cold action going on, ya know like saying ice burns or heat cools. The first two lines aren’t horrible but … cliché. And what the heck brought Monty Hall here with us today. I’ll be brave by daring to take what’s behind door number three. Well lemme tell ya, that deal is probably a billy goat. I remember watching in the 70s when that happened. Let’s Make a Deal, the farm animal edition. Tee Hee. Maybe I’ll switch to songs only.

As always, more to come.


Share Your World ~ 4/5/22

Melanie cooks up the questions and I serve up some answers. Look HERE for the rules and pingback.


Are you more productive at night or in the morning? Do you think it’s possible to change and get used to another schedule? Well I was always a night owl and much more productive late into the evening but then I got a ‘real’ as opposed to fake job where I had to be in the office by 7:15 a.m. Living at least 45 minutes away meant lil Jilly became a lark. I got up early, kicking a$$ and taking names. LOL. Several years into my career, I took an after hours position when Lulu was born. We avoided daycare that way. I was up when people were sleeping and vice versa. I wandered around sleep deprived. Worst 4 1/2 years of my life. Point of this babble is yes you can change but not without consequences. My sleep patterns are forever messed up. Without enough sleep, I’m not on my A-game.

What’s the biggest vehicle you’ve driven?  A Chevy 2500 Crew Cab. If you don’t drive, what’s the biggest vehicle you’ve ridden in?  A greyhound bus.

What songs would be played on a loop in hell?  Some syrupy jingle like Limu Emu. Ugh

(Deep and chewy philosophical question):     What does it mean to be a person?  What constitutes “personhood?” (there may be some diverse opinions, but we’re all mature adults in here, so be respectful of others please). Heck I don’t know. Maybe by living the golden rule you’re the best kind of human?


How were your spirits (mood) over the past week?  This gif

I love it and it makes me laugh and boy do I need to laugh.