Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 4/3/22

I still keep wanting to write 2021 yet we’re already into Q2 of 2022. Oh just stop with the Q2. You’re NOT at work. Blah, blah, blah. Where has the time gone? Sucked away as usual. Or sucks as usual. LOL. Why you gotta be so salty lil Jilly.

I experienced trauma this week which was left out of the spotlight aka this safe haven which is my blog sanctuary. Maybe I even got what was coming to me by being presumptuous and getting all willy nilly. Then yesterday I read Autumn Leaves by Radhika. Boy was that soothing. I’m back on the right path and though I know without a doubt I’ll wander off again, I’m growing with each mis-step.

Okay now, let’s roll call.

  1. Sunday – #SLS
  2. Monday – Haiku and The Results Are In
  3. Tuesday – Share Your World
  4. Wednesday – #1linerWeds.
  5. Thursday – Thoughts
  6. Friday – Letter A
  7. Saturday – Letter B and #SoCS

And a big ole that’s all she wrote.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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