I Gotta Ramble ~ 4/3/22

  • My mother in law MoMo isn’t doing too good. She is going through her stuff to give away. That’s actually good, better to give while alive than inherit is my motto. Maybe I Like that because that is what my Mamaw did. But yesterday she told us that she picked out the pictures for us to display at her funeral which she hopes comes quickly.
  • My father in law PoPo is back home from rehab after an inflection did a number of him causing him to lose the ability/strength to get around. His using a walker and still has a catheter but he’s healthy so the doctors say. Better off than MoMo. And when I saw him yesterday and talked to him again today, I can tell just by his voice that he’s doing a-okay.
  • B’s cousin Johnny Holt Hurst died March 20, 2022. I didn’t write about it then and won’t say much now other than #cancersucks. When little Johnny (His dad had the same name) was in his 20s, he had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He survived many years, enough to be considered cured before a recurrence in 2015. The doctors think the chemo from his recurrence may have caused his lung cancer which was stage 4 when finally diagnosed late last year. Mother fuckers want to blame him for not going to any follow-ups after the 2015 scare. They would’ve found the lung cancer sooner or so they think. For reasons not known to us, his funeral won’t be until May. It’s not due to Covid either, it may just be not having enough money. Overall the whole thing makes me sad.
  • There is a wild hog rooting around our front yard. You cannot make this stuff up I tell ya what. On a Monday morning a few weeks back I was going to the dentist and as I was turned to the front door locking up I heard all variety of snorts and grunts. I turned and saw him, big ole boar with tusks. He ran off before I could snap a picture. I was stunned but I went to my appointment anyway. I assumed he was lost and wouldn’t be back. But nope, we have signs mister wild hog is visiting us nightly. He particularly likes our new lime tree. B went to look for a hog trap today but tractor supply had one that wasn’t strong enough. No idea what we’ll do next.
  • We planted assorted wildflowers last year and only a few bluebonnets came back up. We noticed it for the first time this Friday. Lulu got some micro photos. I love that. Brightness amongst the other nonsense.

I could go on but I feel better just getting this lil bit off my chest. I have errands to run and time is not waiting. Off I go. See if marking some things off the continual to-do list improves things for me emotionally.

As always, more to come.

Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 4/3/22

I still keep wanting to write 2021 yet we’re already into Q2 of 2022. Oh just stop with the Q2. You’re NOT at work. Blah, blah, blah. Where has the time gone? Sucked away as usual. Or sucks as usual. LOL. Why you gotta be so salty lil Jilly.

I experienced trauma this week which was left out of the spotlight aka this safe haven which is my blog sanctuary. Maybe I even got what was coming to me by being presumptuous and getting all willy nilly. Then yesterday I read Autumn Leaves by Radhika. Boy was that soothing. I’m back on the right path and though I know without a doubt I’ll wander off again, I’m growing with each mis-step.

Okay now, let’s roll call.

  1. Sunday – #SLS
  2. Monday – Haiku and The Results Are In
  3. Tuesday – Share Your World
  4. Wednesday – #1linerWeds.
  5. Thursday – Thoughts
  6. Friday – Letter A
  7. Saturday – Letter B and #SoCS

And a big ole that’s all she wrote.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.