Jilly’s A-to-Z for 4/2/22 – Bluff / Beckoning

Still seat of my pant-zing it. Always MSU = making stuff up. Pant-zing is not a word. The squiggles underneath tell me that. Also there is no method to the madness for the choice of my two B words. Oops that sorta sounded nasty. B-word, ya beeatch. Okay, enough blathering about. Today’s haiku follows …

Bluff and Beckoning

Pokers perfect Bluff

Beckoning those most trusted

β€˜Til the river flows

Now for our music treat. Lady Gaga from back in the day. I just ❀ her.

As always, more to come.


#SoCS ~ 4/2/22

What a cute description of how March left the building, a lil lion cub like Simba except in real life Simba would claw your face off without thinking about it. Are animals even capable of thinking? Or do they go on rote instinct? My dogs think or appear to and I am positive they understand me almost more than anyone else. Well except for B maybe? He gets me. Poor guy has to put up with so much.

Dang, I’m on a roll here. Pro-tip, do not participate in #SoCS with little to no sleep and too much caffeine. If you do, you’ll make less sense than you usually do which isn’t saying much. Ha!

This short lil post was written for #SoCS where the lovely Linda says Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is β€œtip.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun! HERE are your rules and ping back if you’d like to join in.

As always, more to come.