Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/31/22

My brain is crammed full of intrusive thoughts. A whirling dervish. So much so I’ve given myself a headache. I did manage to make a follow-up appointment for next Thursday despite the trouble to do so. Orders/referral had not been faxed. Front office person telling me my diagnosis wasn’t in her drop down. Further confirming my sinking suspicion that the referral is all for nothing. I’m no closer to a diagnoses than I was in 2010 when this first began. At least then the pain was intermittent. I experienced months in between flare ups. I’m no doctor (I only play one on TV) but I’m pretty sure the pain is musculoskeletal inherited from my father.

Alrighty, enough whining. Time to make the donuts. Just another ordinary workday.

As always, more to come.