#SoCS ~ 3/26/22

Howdy pardners! Miss Linda says Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rope.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun! HERE are the rules and ping back so you too can git along lil doggy.

First thought is New York City?!?? Get a rope! Memba that? The Pace picante sauce commercial. Not their best or brightest moment but probably sold some product. Now we (or more correctly B) makes our own salsa. Yum, yum, just how we like it.

My second thought for no explainable reason was rope-a-dope. And I don’t even like boxing. But the bob & weave pretend to be hurt only to lure in the opponent for a knockout aka the rope-a-dope was next on my mind. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Ugh! I really don’t have much else to offer. Guess I’ll call it early. Get out there for the walk before it gets too hot. Not that I’m complaining because I prefer the heat nowadays. Though we could use more rain. Things are pretty parched for March. Hoping for lots of April showers to bring May flowers. Wishing you a sensational Saturday.

As always, more to come.

19 thoughts on “#SoCS ~ 3/26/22

  1. Not sure why those last two lines repeated themselves. Further evidence of my lack of control of things, I suppose.
    But here is an alternative version, albeit, a little darker ….
    I’ve had a go at life
    And life just couldn’t cope
    We had a go at sex and drugs
    But there was insufficient dope
    No chance of a redemption
    (I’ve spoken to the Pope)
    No point in me just hanging ‘round
    When all I do is mope
    I’ve a proposal for the devil
    I think we might elope
    I guess I’ll go and hang myself
    Do I have sufficient rope?

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    1. This speaks to me. I’m going through a rough patch. Physically unwell and these words help me cope. I’ve been reading dark a lot lately to disassociate myself from the pain. Words are curative to me. Your timing is impeccable.

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  2. Sliding sideways
    Downhill slope
    Gravity, depravity
    I can’t cope
    This submarine is sinking
    Without a periscope
    I’d build myself a ladder
    If I had enough rope

    I’d hang myself
    If I had enough rope

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