HR Came Through ~ 3/24/22

My HR department sent the email to confirm insurance would pay. Then within 30 minutes of getting the email, S from Aetna called me to give me the good news. He was so sweet 🥲 and I felt bad that he felt bad for me. He seemed genuinely happy 😃 to tell me. It was off script to call but he did it anyway.

Then the notorious Evacor called but Apple/AT&T identified the call as spam risk. Their voicemail to me says “this call is a regulatory requirement”. I’m approved through 9/20/22. Yay! I think 🤔

The cost which goes to my deductible is $60 more than the cash/no insurance price. Yep I can’t make this stuff up. Gotta love 💕 it.

As always more to come.


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