HR Came Through ~ 3/24/22

My HR department sent the email to confirm insurance would pay. Then within 30 minutes of getting the email, S from Aetna called me to give me the good news. He was so sweet 🥲 and I felt bad that he felt bad for me. He seemed genuinely happy 😃 to tell me. It was off script to call but he did it anyway.

Then the notorious Evacor called but Apple/AT&T identified the call as spam risk. Their voicemail to me says “this call is a regulatory requirement”. I’m approved through 9/20/22. Yay! I think 🤔

The cost which goes to my deductible is $60 more than the cash/no insurance price. Yep I can’t make this stuff up. Gotta love 💕 it.

As always more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/24/22

I’m feeling a lil bit guilty. My CT scan was denied by insurance and I’ve gone round and round trying to get the decision overturned. There was a clerical error, I needed a certain symptom (which I have and is thoroughly documented) to qualify for coverage. I politely asked to have the request checked because my copy of what was faxed shows the symptom. Correct the typo and this would all go through. Simple right? Well, the hoops kept getting taller and the final decision was a big phat NO!

Why do I feel guilty? I tattled to my HR department. My reasoning was they procured our provider and we’ve only the one option. Because I might be willing to pay more for better coverage if that were an option. Well outta the blue today, the provider called me and offered to call my doctor and get my appeal taken care of. The hoops were removed, no need to document in blood signing away my first born … all done by phone. And while nothing is final, I’m hopeful that the decision will change. If not, doesn’t matter anyway because I’m getting the scan Friday. Paying the discounted cash price with HSA funds unless the appeal miraculously goes through.

My guilt comes from bothering people who have better things to do. Like see patients. And from complaining about my champagne problem when so much else is wrong with the world. Such a racket. I tell ya what. Drives me to eat@! Yep, stress eating is my thang y’all. What I wouldn’t do for a big ole brownie right about now. Or french fries to dip into a Frosty, Yeah buddy. And I wonder why I don’t feel good. Haha.

As always, more to come.