Friday Reflections ~ 3/4/22

TGIF and all that jazz. My mind is on overload. I just watched my Dub-talk cousin to Ted Talk on replay. That was an out of body experience. Speaking of body, I need to get mine back to healthy. The camera added 15 lbs. Not that I was all that healthy 11 pounds and one year ago because of how I lost the weight, the bad way. Yep, nerves and not eating at the onset of a pandemic is no bueno. Let’s turns this into a musical interlude. You’re So Vain. Sing it Carly.

Okay, seriously. I have the stress bulge. And I’m in constant pain. Not even mild or intermittent anymore. And for the first time in my life, I have high blood pressure. So looks aside, I need to get a handle on whatever is happening. There’s some mental fluxuations going on too. And PoPo and MoMo aren’t in the best health. Pony has his stuff and LuLu has her stuff. Overwhelming. But considering the world events, all our topics seem hollow. Ugh! The Humanity! The Anxiety!

With that, I’m peace out. It’s still a work day after all. Lemme let ya go. Talk at you later 😉

As always, more to come.