Share Your World ~ 3/1/22

Melanie sets us up with somber and serious questions except for the last question. Let’s roll …


Is any one person’s life worth more than another’s? Why or why not? First we need to define worth? I for one can’t do that. I know what is valuable to me but I’m not judge and jury for anyone else. This moral dilemma is a tale as old as time. Women and children first … or survival of the fittest. And many variations of the same.

Can a good person do evil things and remain a good person? Under what circumstances? Yes, one act does not define you forever. I believe in redemption even if I do so foolishly. I think my moral compass might have some deal breakers from which there is no crawling back but examples of such are horrific.

Is somebody morally culpable if they take a morally wrong action at the orders of a superior? What if their life is at stake? You can’t handle the truth! I can’t either 😦

People had widely mixed opinions about illegal bananas, so let’s take that a step further this week:    What would be the worst thing for a government to make illegal? Well nothing since illegal bananas are the worst.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (Always optional).Given global events right now, do you have words of comfort or an uplifting thought that you’d like to share with the world? I wish I did. I sit here wondering, circling the drain if you will, trying to make sense of why? just why? does this bad stuff happen? I watch in horror but also a bit distanced, like this can’t be real and surely someone with some sense and smarts will step in and get humanity back on track. Oh but you said uplifting so here you go …

“My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon.”― Mizuta Masahide (17th century Japanese poet and samurai)

As always, more to come.

16 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 3/1/22

  1. Thank you Jilly for Sharing Your World! I loved the quote TOO…that’s really deep. The barned burned down and now I have a better view….what a great flipping a tragedy to the positive side thought! No wonder he (she?) was venerated. Richly deserved. You were one of a few that loves bananas and mourned the thought of them being banished! 😄 Fair answer! 🙂 The line from “A Few Good Men” was appropriate to the question…can ‘we’ (as a group) handle the truth? Individually people are smart, thoughtful, sensible and intelligent, but get them all together in a big group and suddenly it seems our brains turn to mob mentality and sheeple thinking. A big scary truth might be more than the world can handle. 🤔 I hope things look a little brighter very soon! We have had enough doom and gloom for a lifetime I’d say! Thanks for participating and have a wonderful week!

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