Share Your World ~ 2/22/22

Today we should all play the lottery!!! Almost as good as hitting the numbers is Melanie’s #SYW. She sets up the questions and I give her my two cents worth 1/2 a penny.

  • What’s the most useful thing you know? Hmmm well useful to me is being able to read. I was once told if you can read you can do anything!! Well not exactly true, I could never play center in the NBA. But you get the drift. Oh one more, I have a knack for bringing levity to tense situations. That’s been pretty useful over the years.
  • What impact do you think it would have on the world if bananas were illegal? There would be a shortage of potassium. And what kind of bread would we have baked during 2020 lockdowns? Zucchini is a fine substitute but bananas are also very yummy. And if I get serious for a minute, several someones would be out of work. The whole production thing. I have to ask is there some going on in the banana industry?
  • What social stigma does society need to just get over? Ah, there are sooooooooooooo many. Almost too many to name. If I pick one that means the rest aren’t as worthy. So generally speaking, let’s all stay out of others people’s bidness. If it … whatever it may be doesn’t directly impact you, then move along … nothing to see here. That doesn’t mean we get a pass on being a community but ask first, don’t presume.
  • Do you prefer the moral viewpoint of consequentialism*, which focuses on the consequences of actions, or deontology,* which focuses on the innate rightness or wrongness of the actions themselves? Now this is a puzzler. I think consequentialism can sort of be like the end justify the means which I’ve never cared for but I’m also not sure. This is some weighty stuff. I don’t really believe in the innate rightness or wrongness of actions because humans mess that up. There goes deontology. Hey Melanie what’s behind door number three? Just kidding. I think perhaps a combo or all of the above. I’ve gotta love/hate relationship with philosophy.

Please feel free to share something good that happened to you in the past week.

Well not to beat a dead horse because ya know the horse is dead but I’m presenting a mission moment at our upcoming town hall. I have posted about this goodness twice already. Three is the charm or somebody stop me. This past Friday I had my virtual dry run. This week we’ve got another 15 minutes to fine tune. Then next Tuesday is dress rehearsal … ya really, we do that and then 3/2/22 is the BIG day.

7 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 2/22/22

  1. Thanks Jilly for Sharing Your World. Although philosophy might not be your cup of tea, you answered very well indeed. I think most folks feel the same way. Good job! Good points about the bananas – I tossed that question in there for levity’s sake (which you’ll appreciate), but your answer gave some very solid reasons that it would be awful. I’m always getting taken to task because my potassium levels are too low (that causes heart complications by the way). So bring on the bananas! I’ve noticed, like you, that there’s something going on concerning bananas. The ones I’ve gotten lately are really sketchy in quality and taste. O_o Best wishes for your success with Town Hall, you can never toot that horn too loudly! Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thanks for reading and responding my friend Melanie. I kind of love philosophy but I don’t understand it much at all … too many BIG words. lol. Still very interesting to contemplate. Wishing you a great week!!


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