#SLS ~ 2/20/22

Melanie suggested the prompts Automated, Mechanized, Modernized, Robotic and Jim is hosting. I struggled finding something beyond Mr. Roboto but I knew would be shared. I asked B and without much thought why not Black Sabbath’s Iron Man? Hmm, a guy who can time travel. That’s kinda mechanized. Or it’s a stretch but it’s all I got. Lyrics within. Songwriters: Tony Iommi / Ozzy Osbourne / Terence Michael Butler / W.T. Ward

As always, more to come.

7 thoughts on “#SLS ~ 2/20/22

  1. This is a cool song about a man who goes into the future and witnesses the apocalypse. Going back to his own time, he encounters a rogue magnetic field, which turns him into a mute, steel creature. Unable to talk, he still tries to warn people about the impending end of the world, but he is only mocked for his troubles. Angry and bitter, he eventually causes the devastation he’d warned everyone about. Ultimately the would-be hero becomes the villain. He still has a human brain, and wants to do the right thing, but eventually his own frustrations at the way humanity treats him drives this creature to taking extreme action.

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