OMG So This Happened ~ 2/18/22

I had my virtual dry run of my story telling for our town hall on 3/2/22. They clocked me at 3 minutes 5 seconds. I get 4 minutes so I was given some gems to add. I’ll have one more virtual dry run, then an actual walkthrough the day before the BIG event. I go on about 6 minutes in.

Y’all I am giddy. I was given such positive feedback. Now I’m practicing. Prancing around like an I don’t know what. I might even choke up a little. But that’s ok since they’ll be genuine happy tears. Ernie predicts my closing will bring a standing ovation. Well at least she said she’ll stand for me 🙂

It should be a sin to be this happy!!!!

As always, more to come.


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