O M Gee ~ 1/25/22

Apple 🍎 did it again. Or WordPress maybe πŸ€” ? All I know is SOMEBODY moved my cheese πŸ§€. I want to read and comment through my iPhone πŸ“±or iPad like I used to but noooo. Not any longer. Seriously πŸ˜’ Meredith Grey. Why mess with perfection? I used to simply click on the hyperlink. Now all I see is dots … and the download arrow. There has to be a way. I’ll keep noodling on it until I crack the code πŸ‘©β€πŸ’». If I’m β€œquiet” you’ll know why. Love to all. From the Queen πŸ‘‘ comma drama 🎭

8 thoughts on “O M Gee ~ 1/25/22

  1. I’m posting this comment using the WordPress reader on an iPhone 8. When you press to comment, you go to a blank screen and a comment block that’s about two lines high. Hit the arrow and it expands to a full screen, where you can type to your heart’s content, then press Reply and voila!

    I’m sure that made no sense…

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