Aging Parent & the Covid Chronicles ~ 1/16/22

What a whirlwind week. My mother in law isn’t doing well at all. Two hospital visits in short succession. She is back home as of this writing but for how long? Did you know when you call EMS, you get taken to the hospital even if you don’t need it? Yep, EMS cannot make that determine only a doctor can so if you call, you get carted in. Otherwise there could be a malpractice claim or some such. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. The second hospital run on Friday was for a nose bleed. Yep. There was no need to take her in at all but in she went anyway because in a panic PoPo called them.

Then yesterday, B and Pony were going to go to our place in the hill country for some r&r but they were called back for another emergency. PoPo was frantic, rightfully so but he called B instead of the ambulance. Took three of them to get her into a more upright position. She was having trouble breathing but it turned out to be a panic attack. She took our last at home covid test and when she saw she was negative, she calmed down. She was sure she got “IT” at the hospital on Friday. And she could have still. We’ll have to wait and see. Can’t wait for Wednesday when we can order our tests for at home – four per household.

The nice part (if there’s anything nice about the Rona daze) is we minimize our exposure. Lulu is a permanent remote worker. Pony’s company is taking a wait and see approach and he’s at home until end of the month at least. Me? I get to choose and until this uptick in cases dies down, I’m staying put. B is the only one going out to work right now. All four of us are double vaccinated and boosted and all four of us wear KN95 masks if indoors in a peopley place. B even wears his mask on the job which is outdoors but still peopley. We’ve come to the conclusion of not if but when and it’ll come in through B. Or who knows maybe all the precautions will work to keep things at bay?

Back to MoMo. She needs to be in a nursing home. When the subject was broached, she came unglued. We stopped the convo immediately lest she stroke out right there in front of us. Thing is she NEEDS 24/7 care. B can’t keep running over there in the middle of the night because she incoherent and PoPo can’t get help her. PoPo is not back to 100% yet from his broken leg either. He’s frustrated that he cannot do everything for her but sad fact is he can’t. And even if he was in better shape himself, nursing is a profession requiring lots of training. PoPo is not a nurse. This is groundhog day. PoPo’s mom sweet Tutu was put in a nursing home because they realized she needed more care than they could give her in their home. MoMo was fine with that. Now that she needs the same type of care, she’s being ornery.

Of course there are people out there thinking how bad we are for not keeping her at home. Calling us selfish even. Maybe we are being selfish? Or maybe we’re feeling guilty? MoMo has never been an easy person to deal with. Let’s just say it’s complicated.

Here’s a plug for long term care insurance. Just do it! B and I have it since we were in our 20s. People think the coverage is for older folk only but anyone can need long term care. Think car wrecks and such. Now all we need is to get our pre-arranged funeral plans in order.

I’ve already told the kids if I get this way … like MoMo … to just drop me off in the hill country somewhere on our property. I’ll wonder around until nature takes its course. They can even assist me if they’d like by pushing me off the highest point on the place down into the ravine. Just make sure my death is instant. Doh! Humor even dark humor is what is called for right now. This too shall pass. God willing and the creek don’t rise.

As always, more to come.


14 thoughts on “Aging Parent & the Covid Chronicles ~ 1/16/22

  1. It is a sad fact of life that most of us need specialist care when we are older and it is neither fair on the person needing care, nor on the carers, to try to cope with that in the home. Most will feel guilty when organising a care facility (I know, I’ve done it) but it is for the safety and security and wellbeing of all concerned. I wish the best possible outcome for all of you Jill. Love and hugs to you all – you need the hugs!

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    1. Thanks Peter. The love and hugs are much appreciated. My mom arranged care for my mamaw, she was in the nursing home about 3 months before she passed. Then with my mom, it a day in the nursing home before passing. They thought she may not even survive the ambulance ride to get her there. It was quick with Grandma TuTu too. Which may explain why MoMo is scared. Can’t say I blame her. If things were different, maybe she could stay at home with care coming to her instead but her home isn’t set up for all that she needs.

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  2. The good thing – if there is such – is that omicron is displacing delta as the dominant strain. More infectious but less dangerous. We’ve finally gone with N-95s instead of regular masks. It is important to get a good seal on the 95 series masks or they aren’t 95 anymore.

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  3. Totally relate. Mom signed a waiver when the EMS guys came out and she wouldn’t go with them. She knew if she didn’t go to the hospital and get treatment she could die. She chose to stay home that time but the next time she went in…passed in the hospital a few days later. She had not wanted to go into a nursing home either so I guess this was her way of avoiding that. Big hugs to you and the fam for your current situation!

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    1. I’m sorry for your loss. I thought your mom was still alive. I remember seeing some pictures. It really is hard to know what to do in the moment. With the nose bleed she was really hoping they would admit her. In another time, they may have. Thanks for the hugs. I appreciate it.

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  4. You all certainly have a lot on your shoulders. It’s tough because we hear such bad things about long term care when we are young and healthy, so it becomes a dreaded thing as we age. Here’s hoping you get some time to relax soon.

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    1. Thanks Maggie. Today at least this afternoon it’s been quiet. We are in a perpetual state of waiting for the other shoe to drop. But that I am trying to control with meditation 😊

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