Friday Book Club: J-Dubs Review of All’s Well by Mona Awad

First things first, happy birthday little red and happy heavenly birthday Jimbo Pete. Pretty cool that my niece was born on her uncle’s birthday 🥳

My reading rate has slowed down. I’m not through with the book yet. For one thing the way the chapters are set up is a little bit overwhelming. Formatting is everything.

This is a story about a woman, Miranda Fitch who is in chronic pain and isn’t believed. It is extremely relatable to me as I have been trying to find help for my pain since 2010. I’ve posted about my experiences. I’m pretty sure my Doctor doesn’t believe me either. There’s a difference between life and art this time. I don’t take pills for pain besides ibuprofen. Miranda pop pills like candy but they don’t work. She also drinks too much. I’m not far along to know how her story ends. I imagine it’ll be similar to Valley of the Dolls.

Here’s a quote or two …

Tests, let’s do tests! I used to cry. That was back then when I thought tests led to something.

… Nerve Women. Women of invisible pain. Women alight with blinking red webs. No spider in sight. But the web is there.

Miranda Fitch

As always more to come.

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