Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/6/22

A couple of things percolating in ye ole noggin. Only because I’m still in pain and we’re living the end of days. I’m reminded of a chapter from the Stand where someone on team Stu Redman … maybe Stu himself attempts an appendectomy despite not having the skills to do so knowing it was the only thing that could possibly save a life. They had found a medical text book and tried to learn as they went. Of course the guy still died. Life is imitating art. No telling how many people we’ll lose due to treatable illnesses because Covid has overrun the hospitals. Levels severe in SAT with no end in sight. I get that I’m being dramatic but dammit I hurt.

The other bee in my bonnet is people who knowingly spread the vid. B’s extended family members had a Christmas Eve gathering where everyone got sick. All but one who might have some sort of miracle immunity. Today it was shared that so-n-so and her niece were already feeling sick and went anyway. Didn’t disclose to allow folks to make an informed decision. They were the source. Talk about being pissed. Three of the attendees who had planned to skip were talked into going! Told it was ok. And it may have been if the sickies had stayed away instead.

Still I’m convinced not if but when. I hope I don’t keel over waiting until it’s safe to go in. Maybe by my February/ March follow up things will be better. One can hope.

As always more to come.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/6/22

  1. So many don’t care and act as if it’s not real. Apparently there’s another strain starting up ..
    Omicron B your getting old hat. I feel like it’s the end of days too.
    If you have to go in to hospital go just take precautions. I was in hospital 2020 and 2021…. I am still here … sending love 💜💜

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    1. Oh no, not another strain! It’s all we can do to be careful. I’m glad you made it through your hospital stays. Good to know that can happen and not always doom & gloom. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I can feel the love ❤


  2. So many people seem to have a laissez-faire attitude about their responsibility toward others where the virus is concerned. We are so respectful of others and only wish others felt the same. I am sorry you are hurting. I am holding healing thoughts for you, Jilly

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    1. Thanks Maggie, I appreciate your kind words. I’m powering through until my upcoming appointment, trying all sorts of home remedies. At least I have ebb and flow. Now is better than this morning for example when I wrote the post. Moving around definitely helps.

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    1. Thanks Lauren. Gentle healing hugs to you too. As morbid as it sounds I don’t want to be the person who dies from appendicitis (or whatever disease) because covid cases continue to limit treatment options for other things. My sister had an accident where she broke her leg. Her surgery was delayed because of Covid as she laid in pain . She was lucky but others may not be. Is anyone keeping track of those sort of stats?

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