Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of If It Bleeds by Stephen King ~ 12/31/21

Today I would’ve written something for #WATWB but if I read the twitter feed correctly, they ended in November 2021. Truth be told, the #WATWB challenge ended before that with a few folks hanging on through FB and twitter to rotate hosting duties. No complaints from me, a lot of work goes into hosting. If they start up again in 2022, I’ll join back in.

And without a regular month end feature, I am restorting to the tried and true Friday Book Club. I finished up If It Bleeds by Stephen King on 12/28/21 and promptly picked up a new book to continue the streak into 2022. But for today, let’s stick to the book at hand. If It Bleeds is a compilation of four novellas (long stories). I did a little googling to learn the differences between short stories and novellas; they are subtle. I won’t attempt to explain but instead, here’s my no spoiler pre-google search Goodreads review:

Not sure what is the difference between short stories and novellas. Any way you slice it though, all four stories pulled me in. The words vividly set the scenes and created believable characters. I enjoyed every minute. Especially Holly’s return. I’m glad to see she’s still not smoking and she’s still taking her Lexapro. I’m also glad Jerome and Barbara survived. Definitely a recommended read.

Here are the quotes I grabbed from the first two stories. I got too involved to capture anything from the final two. Something’s better than nothing I guess.

What that song says about motherless children is true: They have a hard time.

My grandmother used to say a person shouldn’t call out unless they want an answer.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

The human brain in finite, no more than a sponge of tissue inside a cage of bone – but the mind within the brain is infinite.

The Life of Chuck

Life and art intersected. Kinda of funny that Wednesday, I mailed off a defective phone that kept going off every 8 minutes and the first novella was about calling a phone that had been buried with someone and the voice mail continued to work for years afterwards. If he listened real closely, he could hear the phone ringing deep down in the grave. Cell phones are fodder for all kinds of good storytelling. Oh and yesterday I got a bargain with a capital B to replace my iPhone7 with an iPhone12 – 99 cents plus tax or the low, low price of $1.07. Yeah buddy, now we’re cooking with gas. And that’s all she wrote/read. Until next time.

As always, more to come.

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