The Saga Continues ~ 12/29/21

Alrighty. Well the broke ass phone is all packed up in its box and ready to be returned. But it is going off every five minutes with a quick little chime. All this despite not even having the SIM card in it.

So weird because yesterday it didn’t make any noise but now that it’s packed up to be mailed back, it’s pinging like nobody’s business. I sure hope that the post office will still deliver … that they don’t think it’s some sort of a bomb or something. Which makes me wonder what kind of weird things get mailed. I know they have their rules about no liquids etc. but this isn’t a liquid.

And we really have no other option but to mail, it’s not like there’s a return center we can drive to. I’m not sure whether I should be irritated with AT&T or the manufacturer Samsung. I am refocusing my ire to Samsung … the mofos. If they make and sell a phone for over a grand, then it needs to effing work. And not go cuckoo for cocoa puffs after less than a year.

I have about 30 minutes to showtime. Fingers crossed that it’ll just run out of steam. Wish us luck! And have a very happy Wednesday!


13 thoughts on “The Saga Continues ~ 12/29/21

    1. Yep, eventually but those batteries are long lasting. It was 100% as of Monday morning and without the LCD or any usage to drain the battery for two full days & nights, we think it is still pretty close to full power. The new pinging which began this morning could help run down the clock though. Here’s hoping. The clerk at the post office took the package no questions asked and it was pinging as I gave it to her.

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  1. Yeah, Verizon and Apple for me. Not that they don’t have problems too but it seems like less than others and customer service is usually better. Sorry. You should write a note on the box about the noise – LOL. THIS IS NOT A BOMB

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    1. Not a silly question at all, this is bonkers. You know how you have to slide/swipe to complete the final power it off? The message is something like are you sure you want to power off? Well since the screen is blank, it is a guess on where and when to swipe. We’ve tried multiple ways to turn it off, no one succeeded, even the techie kiddos. The guy at uBreakiFix couldn’t either but he was willing to take the battery out to make it stop but then we’d get charged for physical damage and that voids the warranty. We sent it off with a note taped to the box which says defective cell phone, unable to power off. We’ll see what happens next.

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