All’s Well That Ends Well ~ 12/28/21

… and we’re not talking ’bout Willie Shakes’ play from 1623. I released the hounds for nothing. Look HERE for a re-cap. Well maybe not nothing. This experience took almost a whole day; that is time we’ll never get back and a lost floating holiday for the kidlet. But he is fortunate that a floating holiday was even an option. He worked from the office all by his lonesome today because the rotation of A – Team and B – Team is on hiatus due to the Omni monster.

Despite getting an email stating the delivery of the new phone would be 1/26/22, we got a Fedex email at 2:00 am while we were snoring that changed the delivery to no later than 8:00 pm today. Means I started tracking that bad boy. Phone arrived in SAT at 8:14 AM and was promptly out for delivery. I signed up for status updates as the phone moved along the route. Ultimately FedEx beat their promised time by five hours. Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

As I sit and write this post, the new phone is pulling in the cloud data, breathing back to life. The old phone with its’ defective LCD screen is packed up and ready to be shipped back within the requisite 10 days. I have pictures of everything in case they try to claim water damage or physical damage because there was none!! Just google it, known defect. But no sense getting riled up again. Whew! Time for a deep sigh of relief.

I’m saddened that we are reduced to a puddle by a thin rectangular jezebel who holds our life in her hands. Okay, now I’m being the queen comma drama and MSU = making stuff up. Or am I? Because we’ve come to this point haven’t we? I should come up with a better analogy though. Bad boy over jezebel. Why does negative sentiment always have to be female? Ugh, but that’s a rant for another day.

As always, more to come.


7 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well ~ 12/28/21

    1. We are almost at the finish line Peter. However the phone continues to make noises while it’s packed up and ready to be mailed back. We only have 10 days to do this. And I’m not sure how the post office will react with having a package that chimes every five minutes. Still such a mess.

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  1. If work demands it then work ought to provide it. Unfortunately, work rarely sees it that way.

    For my personal use, I usually don’t. I consider mobile phones a leash and collar. Everyone knows I am a difficult person to reach by mobile. I spent the first forty years of my life with nothing but a landline (sometimes no phone at all) and I think i liked it better that way.

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