Share Your World ~ 12/21/21

Melanie brings the festivities to us. Woo to the Hoo! She writes and I copy paste: These are ‘festive’ questions this week. That does NOT mean they are to be viewed as Christmas only questions.  Put your own spin on what celebration you engage in.  Thanks! 


  1. What is your least favorite holiday side dish?  I have never met a side I didn’t like. I’m the female opposite of Life commercial Mikey, I’ll eat anything. LOL
  2. What is the ugliest or most tasteless decoration you’ve ever seen? Maybe the ugly sweater contests, some of those get too carried away.
  3. What is a cherished or unusual (either or both) family tradition from your childhood?   Every Christmas morning, we knelt outside the living door, on our hard linoleum kitchen floor and said a prayer before going in to open presents. No prayer = no presents. Even now I can hear my dad say “bow your heads” ❤
  4. You’re walking down the street, feeling great — what holiday song would be playing in the background? Joy to the World, the First Noel, Lo, How a Rose Er’er Blooming, Angels We Have Heard on High, etc. etc. and so on and so forth!! Sing children with the voices the good Lord gave you!!!! ~ Sr. Angelee

GRATITUDE SECTION    (Always optional)

 Feel Free To Share Anything That You’d Like Today!   Wish Someone A Happy Holiday!  🎄

Cheers to one and all, near and far. Wishing you a peaceful holiday away from the fray doing whatever the hell you want to do. Many blessing to you and yours with hope a wonderful New Year!


13 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 12/21/21

  1. 1.) I channel Mikey.

    2.) Most Christmas decorations are pretty bland and quite standardized. Probably any kind of commercial decorations before Thanksgiving. They irritate the heck out of me.

    3.) We don’t have any Christmas traditions at all. There is a small Chanukah get-together with a dinner and lighting the Menorah, but that is hardly unique.

    4) Probably “Winter Wonderland.” Or maybe “Sleigh Ride.”

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  2. And the same gratitude wishes back to you Jilly! ❤ We can all use a little peace on earth and goodwill right now I think! Thanks for Sharing Your World! You're the perfect guest to invite to Christmas dinner then, nothing would be declined! Great attitude! Ugly Christmas sweaters have always mystified me. I've seen some extremely beautiful Christmas sweaters, but even if they're kinda stupid (the images and whatnot), the WORK that goes into those darned things ought to get praised! I agree with you though, some go overboard with that idea. Tsk. I am so pleased to read your tradition and your carols. You're the first one who shared a more spiritual than secular tradition. Your dad certainly had his heart in the right place! I love those beautiful old hymns even though they tend to make me mist up a bit now. Have a wonderful week and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    1. I’m singing and getting misty right now.
      Growing up everything centered around baby Jesus with Santa almost as an afterthought. Though in his later years Dad dressed up as Santa for different events. The grandkids loved it!! Cheers to a wonderful end of 2021 but an even better start to 2022.


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