Share Your World ~ 12/14/21

I can’t keep up y’all truly I can’t and when I’m most begin, I decide screw it, I’m taking a break to Share My World. Thanks Melanie for the questions and much needed distraction. Step away from the work and enjoy. Breathe. Live a little.


What is your opinion of the state of health care in your country?  Adequate or inadequate?  What could be done to improve it? Inadequate and I’ve got countless examples of why. At one point I had a feature blog sometimes title funny math and it was usually about healthcare insurance. Then times all my crazy by what others experience either the same or worse. If I could crack the code of how to improve, I’d be a miracle maker. This is one of those times I feel like I am but a cog in the wheel who must accept my lot. Reminds me, I need to refill an RX before end of year.

What are two words that describe you best? Emotional and silly

Do you have a morning routine? If so, what it’s like? I used to but I have really slacked off. I quit walking every morning and that’s no bueno. Basically, I get up, get dressed, walk less than a minute from my bedroom to my in home office and work. As routine as it gets.

What’s something that really makes your blood race? Almost everything until I calm down and think about it. I’m the proverbial worry wart. And with those nerves comes blood that’s racing. Usually 9 times out of 10, things are not as bad the next day. If I work up the nerve, I will right about my social media experiment and the blood racing there. Not for the faint of heart.

Do you enjoy singing festive songs during *insert festive celebration that you observe to replace “Christmas” if it’s not relevant to you * Christmas carols or songs? Yes, yes, a million times yes! And I found three albums from St. MM Glee Club which I played on my brand spanking new turntable. Drove everyone but me crazy. lol. In the little village of Bethlehem, there lay a child one day …. I can hear Sr. Angelee – Sing children with the voices the good Lord gave you!! The video has no words but that organ. I’m back in 1978 I tell ya what!

Life – Classes of 72-73. Hope = CLasses of 74-75. People = Classes of 78-79. Not sure what happened to 76-77, must not have had an album.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always optional)

Feel free to share something that brings peace to you. Music see above 🙂

4 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 12/14/21

  1. Thanks, Jilly, for Sharing your World! The health insurance/care question is getting a mostly negative response. I think many people would agree with your answer! Is it me, or is that frightening? Emotional and silly, hmm? From some of the answers you’ve given or comments of yours I’ve read, neither is totally appropriate – you seem very sensible and far from silly to me! We’re ALL emotional, so I’ll give you that one! 😉 Music does seem to be the universal treatment for feeling peaceful! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep the healthcare situation scares me to death. One illness away from bankruptcy.

      You are very kind Melanie. I feel silly maybe that’s more like it. I hope you have a great week too!


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