Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 12/12/21

I’m mess with this social experiment I’m engaging in. End of year folks, then I’m pulling the plug. And I’ll write about the results unless I’m completely bonkers by then.

Anywho, yesterday I got new tennies. When you wear shoes until they virtually fall apart before getting new ones, you get sticker shock when it is finally time to replace. I mean c’mon over $100 bucks for sneakers?!?!? Ri-donk-a-donk. I know I’m showing my age but I can’t help it.

I couldn’t find anything at the first stop so we moseyed over to another and 1/2 price baby. That’s the way you do it. I have buyers’ remorse though because I narrowed down to two pair and went with the wrong one. I have a thing about white soles and sidewalls … yep my kicks are like tires. I dislike how dirty they get so I picked the navy and grey. I guess they’re ok but I think I liked the other ones better even if my OCD and cleanliness quirks would be pinging. Lulu Belle was with me and she keeps telling me, I wouldn’t have liked the others. Says to me “remember you told me NOT to let you buy shoes like that”. And I did. Once upon a time.

Anywho part two. Enough blathering about. Time for a quick recap. Yeah buddy.

  1. Sunday 12/5/21 – #SLS and the Big Reveal
  2. Monday 12/6/21 – Haiku
  3. Tuesday 12/7/21 – Share Your World
  4. Wednesday 12/8/21 – #1linerWeds.
  5. Thursday 12/9/21 – Thoughts
  6. Friday 12/10/21 – Book Club
  7. Saturday 12/11/21 – #SoCS

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.


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