#SoCS ~ 12/4/21 Part Deux

I hope this isn’t breaking the rules. THIS is part deux. I didn’t plan to go on. Completely unplanned, not even minimal prep time. My mind kept going after reading the wonderful entries HERE. I mean how in world could I not remember this song when I see the prompt Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is โ€œrev.โ€ย Use โ€œrevโ€ or find a word that contains it.ย 

AAAHHHHHH. woo. Yeah buddy! That’s the stuff. There may be a tad bit of mania going on with me today. I got the books done for the LLC, woo to the hoo. Ordered my tax forms that became available 12/1/21. Feels mighty good to be ahead instead of procrastinating. Just in time for them to hire someone to replace my free labor of love. I had a revelation that really enjoy part time bookkeeping. It’s my jam. Ha Ha.

See you next week folks. Hasta! (there is a story behind that word which I may or may NOT tell you about later.

As always, more to come.

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