Tidbits ~ 11/27/21

Well it started Thursday when Lulu Belle rushed home from festivities with the boyfriend. She was ill. Physically but mentally made worse. Gripped in worry that she would somehow relapse on this annual anniversary, I did nothing but tender a glass on ginger ale. Zipped my lips and fretted. I had already purchased movie tickets but was prepared to cancel. We retreated to the safety of our cocoons to sleep it all away.

Friday was as if nothing happened. We went to our matinee of Ghostbusters the Afterlife. A cute little movie that I recommend. The Easter eggs and cameos made my day. I even cried but to be fair I cry easily. For Harold in the credits broke the dam.

We opted to skip popcorn with her unsettled tummy. Amazing really. Food addicts that we are. We rarely skip movie snacks. Which means that after the movie we were both peckish. Leftovers it was, to save taco day for today. We both picked at our lunch. Afterwards, I was down for the count. I’ll spare to gory details but let’s just say I did something I’d turn handstands to avoid doing. My turn for some ginger ale. Of course my crazy mind had me with breakthrough vid. Despite nausea not being a likely symptom. Apologies to anyone who truly had this virus. I don’t make light. I’m just certifiable.

But I guess sleep cures all evils. Two good nights in a row. Today is A-okay. When the other shoe will drop remains to be seen but ever at the ready. I’ve been in self care book mode. Realized today is my second to last vacation day. Aaaahh. Now that’s the stuff. Mental anguish begone. We’ve got no time for you.

As always more to come.

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