Share You World ~ 11/23/21

Melanie gives us some questions. I add my two cents. Happy almost Turkey day folks.


What are some red flags to watch out for in daily life? I’m oblivious. Or everything’s a red flag. No middle of the road for me. Mostly I stay in my lane though.

What obstacles would you include in the ‘world’s most amazing obstacle course”? Something like the game show wipe out. That show looks like fun. Leap frogging across while dodging a punch. Pow right in the kisser.

Who is the best movie or book villain in your opinion? Scar from The Lion King. Yep I’m a dork.

What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful/handsome part of your face? My eyes. The windows to my soul.

GRATITUDE SECTION 🦃🕊 Next week on Thursday, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. What are some foods you enjoy for your festive celebration dinners? Broccoli and rice casserole. And this year the extra treat is the broccoli comes from our fall garden. Oh and the desserts. Making pie crusts from scratch like my Mamaw taught me. Though we’ve been partaking in desserts year round cuz everything in moderation including moderation. Tamales every Christmas and homemade egg rolls on NYE.

She’s a beauty

As always more to come.