Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review – 11/14/21

No roll call today. The booster finally kicked my ass. Ask me if I’d do it again later in the week considering we fell into the CDC ‘may’ category not the “should”. Bountiful supply in these parts and the coming winter swayed us. I was hoping for less than last time considering only 1/2 dose and 8 months in between.

Despite delayed symptoms again, this reaction is going for a longer duration. In March, the assorted discomfort started noonish the day after with a good night’s early sleep then nothing the morning of day 3 on. As I write this post, it’s been well over 8 hours and if anything it’s worse. Ugh.

I have to wonder as my neurotic mind does, is this something else? I’m a fatalist if you haven’t gathered. Worse case scenario girl. “It’s not a tumor” said in my Arnold from Kindergarten Cop voiceover voice. I simply don’t remember being nauseous and hurling last time. I also remember the Tylenol helped. This time not even close.

On a positive note, my better half did well. Also I got my walk in before the symptoms began. That’s eight days in a row. I’m determined to get out there later today. Even if only swinging in my garden swing. Sunshine is curative. Am I right?

And with that peace out.

As always more to come.