Thursday Thoughts ~ 11/11/21

Today I remember my dad, head cook on the USS Copahee.

My dad 1944

Thankful for him and all the veterans.

Otherwise, I’m a mess. A swirling dervish. Achy, breaky, Jilly. If I felt better physically, maybe I’d feel better overall. My mind can only talk myself out of the discomfort for so long before I hit a wall. Bam! The P/T which I know works is a bust. Maybe I need to take the next step to pain management. I’m trying to exhaust all alternatives first. I did start walking again, if you can call it that. Saturday, we did a 5K. Then I kept up the momentum walking Sunday to Wednesday. As I write this in advance, I hope to be able to say I walked today too.

Maybe a month ago, I had started hitting snooze to sleep in leaving no time for my daily walk. That un-did two of my goals. I really do feel better when I get up instead of snoozing and when I walk everyday. If I make it until tomorrow, it’ll be a week. Some such nonsense about 21 days to make a habit. That was debunked. I think.

Here is a miscellaneous list to get out the random thoughts:

  • G moved back in with the in-laws. G is my orphaned nephew. Poor kid just can’t catch a break. He is still in my daily prayers. I wish I knew another way to help him.
  • Open enrollment showed me that we get to keep life insurance for Lulu until she turns 26 at no charge. Will give her time to get her own policy since she cashed in her junior rider through Hermann Sons (long story).
  • I got some sort of tax break today. Not sure I even understand it. But I’ll take it. On the flip side, we had all the mess with Uncle Sam losing forms we sent with the LLC’s return. Ugh. The paperwork drives me nut-so.
  • My prizes came in – listening to an album on a turntable again has been a treat. I cried y’all when listening to Billy Joe’s the Stranger reminded me of a very dear friend. I remember every single word!!!!!! We’d sneak into her brother’s room to play his records and that album was a fave. Hey I could of used the following song two Sundays ago. That sax!!!

Alrighty, lemme let ya go. Until next time. Hope your day is fantastico!!!!!