Thursday Thoughts ~ 11/4/21

Addendum: I just looked at the back of the envelope they provided for use with the mailer that is for inquiries only. Wouldn’t you know the back of the envelope has a reminder to add the the tax payer ID to the check or money order. Sort of contradicts the do not send payment message of the letter. You can’t make this stuff up. SMH

My thoughts are jumbled. Ugh! Make it stop. Damn IRS. Since June of 2019, B has been 1/3 of a LLC. Just starting out and no money for anything beyond materials, I’m his free tax accountant. They’ve grown considerably which means they won’t need me much longer. Best to let the professionals handle. But there is one last item on my to-do list.

We received a missing paperwork letter from the IRS which is odd considering the missing paperwork was all in the same envelope as the main document which they claim that they did receive. Means some mofo tossed, lost, or whatever unseemly act keeping just the main form. The instructions were clear that under no uncertain circumstances were the pages to be stapled. In fact, stapled pages = entire rejection. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to staple the entire packet but I followed the rules. And if you’re wondering why I don’t file online, that’s a whole other story for another fucking day.

Well I keep copies of everything don’t you know. As I go to print the “missing” dare I say lost forms, two print flawlessly. Then bam, ink cartridge doesn’t match error message. Holy hell what they what. Seriously Meredith Grey?!?!? She damn well was serious … as a heart attack. I went online and did some troubleshooting and figured it out. Hours I will never get back. Turns out the color cartridge was plumb out of ink. I removed that one, switched to single cartridge mode, and bingo bango, I printed that last page.

As I sat and read the instructions, I wanted to scream. They give you a mailer with an address that says for inquiry or response only not for payment. Then on another page the mailer says for inquiry only. Is a response an inquiry? Nope, I think not. I have no questions. I simply want to submit the 3 forms that they lost!

There is an option to fax but due to exceptionally high call volume, they say that they cannot acknowledge any faxes. Instead they suggest we keep the fax confirmation as proof. They add do not mail if you fax or it could delay processing of your return. Well that makes me want to mail by certified mail with CRRR. But I am back to the mailer being for inquiry only. What fucking address do I use??????

Now I’m really fired up. They lost our stuff and we have to jump through hoops. Are they going to reimburse us for the added expense? Hell no! Pain and suffering baby, I want justice. I’d have to find a KINKOS or some place to fax. And then worry about the IRS not really getting it. Or some dunce losing the forms again as they pull it from the fax machine. Maybe the fax is electronic copy and not paper like the olden days. Has to be right?

Alrighty, I’m done whining. I’ve already done did it but wondering folks, what would you have done? Fax or mail? Somehow I feel we’re screwed either way. Ugh. Oh well, I’m off to eat myself into oblivion. The jalisco omelet plate has my name on it. With refried beans, home fries, and tortillas. Yeah buddy!!

As always, more to come.