ViVid Dream ~ 10/28/21

Ugh, I can’t get my dream from this morning out of my head, so I’m writing to release the hounds. I’d say this dream was drug induced but I took no drugs last night other than Crestor which is hardly a hallucinogen. The dream was so vivid I still can’t believe it didn’t happen.

My friend who sells Mary Kay opened a storefront and added booths for hairstylists to rent. (all dream, she does sell Mary Kay but does not have a storefront). Everyone but me and the person coloring my hair <gasp> you know that’s fake, were leaving to go to some party. My friend dropped the keys in my lap and told me to lock up. I felt jealous; I wanted to go with them. They were all giggling and drinking sangria.

Little Lulu was with me as a toddler or slightly older. I locked up the ‘beauty parlor’ and we got in my car. For some reason the car stalled going around a bend on the highway and we jumped out to safety. Dream time later (which is right away) and we’re looking over a barricade to flashing lights everywhere. Our car is smashed, the entire backend is gone and if we had stayed in the car, we’d be dead. Others (the people who hit my stalled car) were dead. Someone says this and Lulu starts retching, then I do too. And I know it is all my fault for leaving the car on the highway.

See what I mean? That could happen. Weird but it feels better now. Grateful it was just a dream.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “ViVid Dream ~ 10/28/21

    1. I agree, the blur between reality and dream was too close. I’m on to other things. Had I not written it down, I’d probably have forgotten it already.

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