#SLS ~ 10/3/21

Jim prompts us with “laundry” a euphemism for you know what. When I first saw the prompt, I got an immediate earworm with Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band. Ugh! I really don’t like that song. Yet without the help of Google, I couldn’t think of anything else. I had to be careful with any searches, no telling what might stumble upon. I still wanted to go with my own little rule about picking something before reading the other entries. Fortunately on the way to grocery pickup, my choice was revealed to me when Slow Ride by Foghat, writer Dave Peverett, came on the car radio.

When I got home, I look it up and found this neat article. Drummer Roger Earl is quoted “Of course Slow Ride is about sex,” he says. “All rock’n’roll songs are about sex, aren’t they? I also liked learning of the homage to John Lee Hooker. The rhythm is not copied but inspired by him. Oh how yesterday’s #SoCS. Now without further ado, here’s the short version video, lyrics within.

Not sure why but now I want to watch Dazed and Confused. Good times I tell ya what. As always, more to come.

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