#SLS ~ 9/26/21

Jim tells us that it is Fandango Sunday and our theme is Other, That, This. Sweet! The Doors lyrics have become an ear worm. “Break on through to the other side …” but I imagine someone will pick that song. I went looking for something different. But that turned into analysis paralysis. So many songs, so little time. Lol. Blink and hours have gone by. Music is wonderful that way. I finally landed on Ebony Eyes by Bob Welch. Lyrics within the video.

17 thoughts on “#SLS ~ 9/26/21

  1. This song sounds super familiar. I don’t recognize the name of the song or artist though… 🤔
    An entertaining mystery! 🎶💃🏼Much better than the Doors😉
    I had RHCP “Otherside” as an earworm, but figured someone (maybe you) would take it😆

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