Egads!!!!! ~ 9/16/21

Dang, this is going to be a dervish. I went to physical therapy (PT) today. I’ve had pain for a while and blogged about it ad nauseum. Ad nauseum is another word I am over using much like my lil gecko from Geico flat tire commercial, Ugh! Make it stop!!!

Okay. Stop!

I went back to PT after undergoing a second series or battery (like in battering ram) of tests all showing negative. Muscular skeletal she said. PT will help. And from expereince it sure did. Gabe, I need you Gabe! But that was then and this is now.

I was nervous about being in a people-ly place. But I was also relieved by the protocol per their website. I felt good about the masks required and curtains between patients. I did everything online too because they want everything as contactless as possible.

The first thing that gave me pause was the location … in a strip mall. Yep I am the queen comma drama. Diva! My other place was part of a group medical office buildings. Not a neighbor to freaking Jimmy Johns. The receptionist was very nice but informs me they are not in network and my co pay is $25. Not $95 since I met my deductible. Hmmm. Why am I here? In-Network would be free. Plus when given a choice, even if I have to drive across town, I always choose in network. Do I want to pay now? Why the hell not!!

I was seen 15 minutes after my appointment which isn’t bad except my other place was a well oiled machine. And the only reason I was taken back 15 minutes late was so the guy (not my Gabe) could enter the notes from the patient who left right before me. Do the damn notes on your own time!

The assessment was right out in the open, they don’t use no stinkin curtains. The rat bastard liars. My old place took me into a private room. And while the guy (not my Gabe) wore a mask and wore it the right way, he was sniffling and coughing like crazy. Uh yea, I’m positive he gave me the Rona.

At least my mind is preparing me for that. I’m not making light. It’s anxiety! I even told B if I get sick to sue the place which you can’t but damn. I kept telling myself, he only has allergies, it has to be allergies, surely he would not ignore their own directions about staying away if you feel sick?!? It’s allergies became like a hum in my brain … my mantra. Forgive those who trespass against us …

I got a little bit of manipulation and three at home exercises, then I was almost done. As I was laying and/or lying there at the end, with heat (when I told them I prefer ice dammit), the patient next to me, a sweet Army vet easily in his 70s was moaning. He told the guy I had to force myself to come here today. He went on it hurts by my incision. But do what you gotta do. I’m not shy about telling ya to stop. During the process, I heard Christ this hurts!! I can’t take it, hold on! Broke my heart.

Twice a week for three weeks was recommended. But I skipped scheduling any follow-ups. Took the business card and said I would call. I won’t. Getting into my car was excruciating. That little manipulation caused new pain in different places. Lulu says maybe it is supposed to be that way. Worse before it gets better?? Guess I’ll never find out.

Back on the highway, lead footing it home, I detoured to QT for a DP icee. Don’t cha know. If I’m gonna lose my taste soon, I wanted one last hurrah. LOL. Funny? Or not funny? Kinda, sorta, maybe? Those mo-fo’s.

As always, more to come.

13 thoughts on “Egads!!!!! ~ 9/16/21

  1. I pressed like but I don’t like this post at all. What an horrendous time you had Jilly. I hope you get better treatment next time, 🤞 at your usual place, free and by kind, cleen and caring . 💜💜

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  2. PT can be a crap shoot. A good PT experience is life saving to me. I would gladly pay to go if I could afford it sans insurance. A bad PT experience sucks. I had one guy who told me what to do then left me for another patient. When he returned he said I was doing it wrong. He hadn’t shown me, nor checked, to see if I was doing it right. My most amazing experience, years and years ago, was in a therapy pool. The therapist got in the pool with me. My plantar fasciitis was so bad I was using a cane. She would do stretches under water that loosened up things so well. After 25+ years of daily agony, my acupuncture has saved my feet. Good luck on more GOOD PT experiences.

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    1. Thanks!! You’re right about how it can be amazing. I need the rack, that harness contraption that pulls me apart. And ice afterwards. I’m trying my old place again. Looking for a better experience.

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  3. “If I’m gonna lose my taste soon” OK, I had to laugh at this point. PT is painful. I remember feeling worse each time for several weeks before starting to feel better. In the end, I was better. I hope you either get back to your regular place or get things worked out with these folks.

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  4. So I got Rona! 28 days before my son’s wedding! Had allergy symptoms and joked I had Co vid, and I did! I never ran fever. No body aches. Cough was seldom. I was very congested and sneezing and runny nose and so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. After official positive test, Dr referred me for regeneron infusion. 4 days later, my son Troy got it, and his BMI qualified him for regeneron. I have absolutely no idea where I got it. Isolated in bedroom for 12 days. Dr said you are no longer contagious after 10 days, but since Jim has emphysema and my grandson lives here, I waited for negative test. Neither Jim or Christopher have had any symptoms and initial tests were negative. Troy got chest cough, but no fever and pulse oximeter showed 98% oxygen level. I was absolutely terrified when I officially was diagnosed. Ready to say good bye! I am 100% vaccinated. Not sure if that kept the bad symptoms away or did regeneron infusion work. Troy had no vaccine and had basically same symptoms. No one else in his house got sick either. The tiredness has not gone away but I’m over it! 9 days to trevor’s wedding! Ps….I also took claritin for allergy symptoms and Dr said to take zinc, vitamins c and d and melatonin. They are all anti-inflamatory.


    1. Oh no! Glad you’re over the worst of it. Also very glad Troy’s case was mild and that Jim and Christopher were spared. I think both the vaccine and infusion did it’s thing. At my check up my doctor said they’re having really good luck with the infusion. She also said they’re finding new treatments quickly adding to the ways to treat folks. It gave me hope. Congrats to Trevor!! How exciting. Nine days and counting ❤


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